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CDM are Winners of 2019 IoT Awards

CDM wins IoT Award 2019

CDM have won IoT Hub’s, IoT Awards against other high-performing finalists such as LX Design House. Essentially, the award is provided to businesses that are kicking goals and implementing progressive solutions within the IoT space.

CDM have received the winning nomination in recognition of our work on a recent telemetrics data collection and processing project.

We are proud to be award winners, particularly when considering the breadth of integrators, consultants and IT companies involved in various IoT projects.

CDM is a leader in IoT technologies that create smart business solutions.  We build, implement and manage the end-to-end intelligent systems necessary to deliver scalable and flexible IoT services. Likewise, CDM has developed IoT solutions for several verticals including Industrial IoT (IIoT), manufacturing, civil defence, first responders, mining and smart cities.

Above all, we provide targeted big data and data analytic services that unlock potential. In turn, this  increases efficiencies, creates new revenue streams or changes conventional business models that maximise productivity.  However, delivering customer value requires a multifocal end to end approach to maximise benefits for the business at each stage.  Our IoT solutions harness data at the point of creation, and securely transmits it to any cloud platform (including Microsoft’s Azure, AWS or Google).

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