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Is Next-Gen SD WAN the future of remote working arrangements?

Employee learning about future of remote working arrangements at CDM

Now that most organisations have transformed their business to retain operational efficiency during COVID-19, the question has redirected to ‘How can we ensure we are set up for the future of remote working arrangements?

“82 percent of companies across a range of sectors intend to permit remote working some of the time as employees return to the workplace. About 47 percent of companies will let employees work remotely all of the time.”

Gartner Research

The current WFH situation:

After setting up (or scaling up) existing IT infrastructure to support larger volumes of staff working from home in 2020, businesses are now finding themselves in a much more technically agile environment. Many companies are now able to offer ‘hybrid’ working arrangements, where staff can seamlessly split their time between working from home and working from the office.

The WFH challenge:

The issue ahead lies in ‘band aid’ solutions that temporarily maintained business operational efficiency during a challenging time, that will need to be re-thought and integrated as long term solutions.

The WFH solution:

Next-Gen SD WAN provides a viable solution to the longterm success of the future of remote working.

Products such as Microsoft SD-WAN solutions can understand application-level telemetry data to make the right decisions. As well as  rout traffic types and under different circumstances. Optimised traffic paths and minimised latency are also results of an extended SD-WAN within the providers cloud.

Talk to us today about a tailored Next-Gen SD WAN solution to suit your organisation.

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