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Internet of Things in Healthcare

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Today in the digital age, organisations and individuals are interconnected through an online network with intelligent devices allowing for communication. This technology has proven to be highly advantageous to the health sector, transforming it by not only improving employee productivity but also the quality of the care provided for patients.

Why is IoT important in healthcare?

Essentially, the application of IoT in healthcare has allowed medical practitioners to better and more efficiently understand the conditions and lifestyles of their patients- for example, the connectivity between specialised medical equipment has allowed for easier collection of data.

Furthermore, the emergence of IoT for everyday users, such as the development of health-tracking smartwatches, has increased the interest in individuals to track their own health, reducing the need to visit the doctor for simple tests such as heart rates.

IoT has proven to be of critical importance during the Covid-19 pandemic where medical professionals were able to collect patient information whilst reducing the risk that would have been higher if large numbers of infectious people gathered together for a check-up.

Examples of the Benefits of IoT in Healthcare

  1. Data collated from IoT healthcare devices are highly accurate meaning that treatment outcomes can be maximised and errors can be minimised. Real-time supervision through IoT devices also minimises error and even re-admission rate of patients
  2. Because non-critical patients can stay home with IoT devices monitoring them and sending information to the health facility, there were fewer visits to the doctor and hospital stays. This makes IoT in healthcare cost and time effective.
  3. IoT devices can analyse the data speeding up the process for doctors to diagnose and treat patients, and increasing productivity.

The innovations in healthcare that come from IoT lead to the creation of new pathways for disease diagnosis and treatments. Ultimately, a combination of IoT and other technologies will see a gateway for the industry to evolve.

CDM and IoT

CDM is a trusted IoT advisor that provides comprehensive solutions and services in a range of industries including healthcare, mining, transportation, manufacturing, energy, and utilities. Through our solutions, we enable businesses to maximise their productivity by increasing efficiencies, creating new revenue streams, and changing conventional business models.

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