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Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure

Juniper Networks
Wired and Wireless LAN Access

Juniper Networks is identified as a leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure.

After breaking from off the (15+ years old) WLAN controller infrastructure, Juniper has taken huge innovative strives. Now working towards AI-based networks to fit within  modern cloud networks.

The project delivered by Mist Systems (A Juniper Company), has continued to demonstrate their expertise in developing solutions (driven by Mist AI). Solutions that work to simplify network complexity in terms of Wired and Wireless LAN Access.

Mist’s Head of Marketing, Jeff Aaron stated that,

“As a marketing guy with 26 years of experience, I take special pride in being recognised as a strong market influencer. It is the first time I have personally been involved with a company that has caused a complete “about face” in a well-established industry. Traditional leaders like Aruba and Cisco are following Juniper’s long-term playbook (and messaging) for the AI-Driven Enterprise. I believe that is a true sign of a company influencing and leading a market.”

“In 2016, Mist was getting a lot of push back from the rest of the industry. “How does a startup take on WLAN behemoths like Aruba and Cisco?” We were asked, “Is it really AI?” “Why does AI even matter?” and “Will people think AI is coming to take their jobs?” You get the idea.

However, Mist forged on. That year Gartner also recognised Mist Systems as one of the Cool Vendors in Mobile and Wireless, 2016.”

In addition, Juniper was recognised as a leader in Data Centre and Cloud Networking, for the third year in a row.

Read the full Magic Quadrant report here. 



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