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Microsoft Office 365 Allows you to do More with Your Time

Microsoft 365
Woman talks to client about Microsoft Office 365 Features in Corporate Office

Explore Microsoft Office 365 features that are centred around saving time and making life easier.

Microsoft 365 combines premium Office apps with Outlook, cloud storage and more, to help you make more of your time. Whether you want to organise your week or bring your ideas to life, Microsoft 365 is a subscription that makes life more creative, organised and secure.

They key ‘make life easier’ features Microsoft 365 offers, include:

  • The ability to work across devices
  • Any easy solution to managing multiple calendars, across work, home and school
  • Virtual meetings with MS Teams and social get-togethers with Skype
  • Access royalty-free templates, images and photography

“Office 365 is perfect for any organisation. It makes managing basic office products much easier and helps our users work from anywhere. We saved on infrastructure costs and in general have much less trouble than when we were managing things ourselves.”

– Verified User
“We moved staff to the platform two years ago to avoid the expense of upgrading Exchange on prem. Best decision ever. No more managing mailbox sizes and running out of storage for mailboxes. The Office apps are easier to manage than the desktop versions too. Initially moved just for the email issue, but the other features are really starting to shine.”
– Verified User

In addition, Microsoft 365 helps you make more of your time by combining premium Office apps with innovations. Easily access Outlook, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Family Safety features.

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