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11 Microsoft Teams updates to Make Video Calling Easier in 2021

Microsoft Teams
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In this video, Mike Tholfson (Principal Group Product Manager at Microsoft Education) talks us through 11 Microsoft Teams updates to make video calling easier in 2021.

11 New Features in Microsoft Teams. These new updates in Microsoft Teams are out in 2021, and include the 5 minute meeting warning, new Together mode scenes and backgrounds, Teams and SharePoint improvements, Power BI, and lots more. Microsoft Teams new features are always rolling out and updating, so this can help you keep up with the latest updates.

Links to implement new features in Microsoft Teams:

If you want to skip ahead to learn about certain features, below are the video timestamps:

0:00​ Introduction
0:15​ Five minute warning for the Teams Meeting end
0:43​ Together mode scenes – new backgrounds
2:25​ Pop out Teams apps into their own window
2:58​ Teams Video and Call icon update plus Sharing improvements
3:48​ Create a Team directly from a SharePoint Site (“Teamify”)
5:15​ The new and improved SharePoint tab app
6:10​ The new and improved SharePoint Pages tab app
6:54​ Teams mobile Meet Now for Chat or Channels
7:37​ Updated iOS Meeting layout, plus spotlight
8:06​ The new Power BI app for Microsoft Teams
9:49​ Teams family and friends Desktop and web app (free!)

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