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Protecting Healthcare at the Edge

Aruba Networks
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Is your network set up to handle increasing digital demands and cyber security threats? As healthcare organisations shift to providing more virtual care, rely on new technologies for better outcomes, and remain a big target for cybercriminals, security is a major concern. Establishing a reliable network designed to keep the threats of today and tomorrow out is key to providing secure, modern, and personalised healthcare experiences.

Aruba Edge Services Platform (ESP) makes protecting your network easier than ever with centralised management, authentication, and AI-powered cyber security. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of why this is so important for the healthcare industry.

See who is on your network

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the healthcare industry, there are more devices on the network than ever before. With a central management system, such as Aruba Central, you can gain comprehensive visibility across all the devices on your network regardless of location. This empowers healthcare IT teams to boost security while also simplifying and improving operations.

 Control device and user access

With a Zero Trust framework and Dynamic Segmentation, Aruba ESP allows you to set role-based access permissions for users and devices, whether they’re onsite or remote. This means healthcare organisations can better protect their IT resources by establishing the right access for the right devices.

For example, a medical device will have different network access permissions to a healthcare professional’s laptop. This means you can deploy IoT, medical devices, and other technologies while ensuring patient data, organisation data, and device traffic stay segmented. Whether healthcare professionals are providing care in-person, via telehealth, or from another location, Aruba ESP makes sure your network remains secure while providing reliable performance.

Act fast with AI-powered threat response

When it comes to a cyber breach, timing is critical. The longer it takes to identify and respond to a threat, the more devastating the consequences. Aruba ESP features AI-powered technology that automatically identifies threats, such as a device that is behaving in a way that doesn’t fit its profile, and immediately responds to lock them off the network. This dynamic change to access privileges based off real-time data could be the difference between a major breach and a close call.

Technology like Aruba ESP is critical for tackling current and future healthcare challenges. With an intelligently secure network, organisations can embrace new technologies with confidence to deliver better outcomes for patients, providers, and administrators.

Want to learn more about protecting your network at the edge? Get in touch with a CDM network specialist today.





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