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Find out how F5’s SSL Visibility Solution Minimises Malware Attack Risk

F5's SSL Visibility Solution Minimises Malware Attack Risk

As we reduce privacy risk online, we are simultaneously creating new malware attack threats. This is due to the growing amount of encrypted content. However, F5’s SSL Visibility Solution minimises malware attack risk through better visibility into encrypted traffic.

Firstly, what is encrypted content?

Gartner research describes Encryption as “the process of systematically encoding a bit stream before transmission so that an unauthorised party cannot decipher it.”

“Nearly 90% of all Internet traffic is encrypted—and we’re quickly moving toward an Internet where that will be true of nearly every piece of data in transit. Although this is great for privacy and confidentiality, it creates a serious blind spot for security.”

– Via F5

“Security inspection tools are increasingly blind to SSL/TLS traffic. While some security solutions include native decryption capabilities, performing decryption and encryption at scale aren’t their core purpose or focus. Without that, encrypted traffic must go through the static daisy chain of a repetitive decrypt/inspect/re-encrypt process across the entire security stack.

This process consumes precious time and resources, adds latency, and disrupts user experience. Plus, it can easily lead to over-subscription—meaning increased costs for oversized security services.

F5 SSL Orchestrator, with its full proxy architecture and dynamic service chaining, presents a true paradigm shift in the way you can deal with malware in your environment. Protect against encrypted threats with SSL visibility.”

(Content source: F5)

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