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CDM and Fortinet partnering to deliver state of the art security solutions

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Our company brings the Fortinet Security Fabric to action in a broad, integrated and automated way

The Fortinet Security Fabric enables security-driven networking, zero-trust network access, dynamic cloud security, and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven security operations. These are enhanced with an ecosystem of seamlessly integrated third-party products that minimise the gaps in enterprise security architectures, while maximising security return on investment (ROI).

Conceptual framework for the Fortinet Security Fabric

Organisations are rapidly adopting digital innovation (DI) initiatives to accelerate their businesses, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and provide better customer experiences. As expected, these initiatives involve moving applications and workflows to the cloud, deploying Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices on the corporate network, and expanding the organisation’s footprint to new branch locations.


Unfortunately, an evolving infrastructure comes hand by hand with security risks, such as growing attack surfaces, advanced threats, increased infrastructure complexity, and an expanding regulatory landscape.
In order to achieve the desired DI outcomes while effectively managing risks and minimizing complexities, organizations must adopt a broad cybersecurity platform to simultaneously manage security and network operations.


Automated, integrated workflow

To provide the most advanced and integrated solution, CDM provides the Fortinet Security Fabric: an intelligent architecture designed around scalable, interconnected security combined with high visibility, actionable threat intelligence, and open API standards to protect any infrastructure from the key challenges.



Fortinet’s wide variety of solutions enable businesses to bring together stand-alone products, embrace new technologies and focus on business goals while remaining secure. Our team’s experience and knowledge of Fortinet’s products and services allows us to find a solution to suit your business needs. CDM chooses to partner with Fortinet to deliver high-performance security solutions to protect and enhance any existing business network.

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