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Internet of Things (IoT)

CDM is a leader in IoT technologies and holds capabilities around enabling technologies used to create smart business solutions.  We build, implement and manage the end-to-end intelligent systems necessary to deliver scalable and flexible IoT services. CDM has developed IoT solutions for several verticals including Industrial IoT (IIoT), manufacturing, civil defence, first responders, mining and smart cities.

CDM provides targeted big data and data analytic services that unlock the potential of harvested data to increase efficiencies, create new revenue streams or change conventional business models to maximise business productivity.  Delivering customer value requires a multifocal end to end approach to maximise benefits for the business at each stage.  Our IoT solutions harness data at the point of creation, pre-processes it and securely transmits it to any cloud platform including Microsoft’s Azure, AWS or Google to be processed by the analytics service into actionable insights.

Our business intelligence (BI) specialists and data scientists capture, filter, clean, transform and store data from end point devices.  Then we apply high-performance analytics, data mining, AI, machine learning and predictive analytics techniques to deliver you the best possible information inputs to your business processes.  We provide timely insights from your data sets as either descriptive, diagnostic, predictive or prescriptive outputs depending on the nature of the business, the data and the customer imperatives.


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