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Women in Tech

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As Sales Support and Admin Manager at CDM, Krinali takes on the responsibilities surrounding presales, quotations, and queries before customers raise orders and the back office for customer-facing activities. CDM is Krinali’s first experience in the IT industry, with her previous experience being in interior design. She wasn’t always interested in a career in technology until she moved to Australia where she realised she wanted to be part of this industry as it is the future.

Krinali’s purpose for work is engrained in always having an urge to learn. She loves problem-solving and finding different rules to play around with to ensure she doesn’t find herself in monotonous and repetitive work. She hopes to be known in work for her skills, passion, and ethics.

She believes that from working in a male-dominated tech industry, you still always need the cornerstone that is female. There is no doubt that diversity brings perspective. For the future of women in tech, Krinali hopes that more females join due to the numerous opportunities and that they are not discouraged by the ‘male-dominated’ label of the industry. She firmly believes that if tech is your passion, you should go for it.


“Don’t be discouraged with tech and its male-dominated label. If it is your passion, you should go for it”. 

Krinali DesaiSales Support/Admin Manager Project Delivery at CDM


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