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Connectivity & Security

The right technology to support innovation and growth begins with a strong network foundation it’s the enabler of every communication and the base for a broader global connectivity. At CDM our connectivity solutions cover the full network lifecycle from architecture and design, to implementation, operation and performance tuning. We offer high performance network solutions to help commercial and public sector organisations to securely and reliably connect to the community, customers, suppliers and business partners – creating greater value and accelerating success.

At CDM, we believe the best way to support our clients in regional and remote Australia is to wherever possible, invest in upskilling local people to deliver onsite services. By involving local people to deliver local services, we are able to complete projects and support our clients in a timely manner and at the lowest possible cost, no matter where they are located.

CDM’s Connectivity Services team can help you with network solutions, wired and wireless networks, unified communications, network security, DDoS, cybersecurity, mobility and tracking. Our connectivity team of professionals are trained & accredited by vendor partners to ensure they have the requisite technical skill sets to design, architect, implement & support multi-vendor networking solutions that fit your business requirements & support your need for reliable, secure & cost-effective communications.

Professional Services - Certified/Qualified

  • Consultation & design (network and security architects)
  • Project management operations
  • Managed services including service desk support
  • Network engineering services
  • Field implementation services
  • Data and electrical services
  • Lifecycle assurance services
  • Warehouse & logistics

Solutions Offered - Industry Vertical

  • Campus office and building wired and wireless network solutions
  • Wide area networks and software defined networks
  • Government and defence grade solutions
  • Data centre network and security solutions
  • Large public venue solutions
  • Project managed installations across metro, regional and rural locations
  • Onsite and remote support solutions for metro, regional and rural areas under SLA’s
  • ACORN portable networking solution

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