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Minimise Risk with Cloud-Based App Security

CDM Minimising client Risk with Cloud-Based App Security

As cloud-based and SaaS apps grow, so do the number of security attacks that target them. F5’s Silverline Cloud-Based App Security allows businesses to scale up their security, without having to invest in additional infrastructure.

Protect and defend your app, wherever it is hosted. The cloud based inline with compliance best practice. In addition, you will save on high cost infrastructure while efficiently deploying security across any app with Silverline services.

Silverline Cloud Based App Security features:

  • DDos attacks
  • Firewalls to protect Web apps and Data
  • Threat intelligence blocks

The main benefits of Silverline Cloud-Based App Security:

Firstly, it’s Cost efficient

“Silverline protects against a variety of attacks, including DDoS, OWASP Top 10, and malicious bots. Your apps stay available and your security team can focus on what they need to do.”

Secondly, it’s Specialised and specific

“Silverline services include 24×7 access to our Security Operations Center (SOC). We hire the hard-to-find, expert security professionals who use F5 products with state-of-the-art security tools to ensure the best protection possible.”

Finally, you will be protected with cloud-based threat intelligence

“As an add-on to Silverline DDoS or WAF services, Silverline Threat Intelligence integrates dynamic lists of threatening IP addresses to give context for policy decisions.”

Find out more about our partnership with f5 and the cloud solutions we offer.

(Content source: F5)



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