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CDM Implemented a Cloud-Based Solution for the Pharmacy Guild of Australia 

Australian Healthcare
Ongoing Management of Telephony for Lead Employer

CDM Delivers and Provides Ongoing Management of Telephony Services for Lead Employer Organisation

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGoA) is a national employers’ organisation with over 90 years of experience in representing and promoting the value of community pharmacy in the Australian health care system. The PGoA required a reliable telephone system and during the COVID-19 pandemic required the ability to work remotely.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia utilises an on-premise Mitel telephone solution for all external voice communications. Staff primarily utilise Microsoft Teams for internal communications including meetings. COVID 19 created a sudden need for staff to be able to work from any location whilst maintaining the full functionality of being in the office.

Staff was finding it difficult operating with two independent systems however they need to maintain the full feature set of both systems. In order to support the newly distributed nature of the workforce, a cloud-based solution is required.

CDM implemented a solution integrating Mitel with Microsoft Teams. This enabled the full Mitel enhanced phone features whilst allowing staff to use Microsoft Teams client as their softphone. External phone calls can easily be routed to the Mitel desk phones, mobile phones, and Teams client all simultaneously. The staff is now able to communicate effectively both with internal and external contacts from a single interface.


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