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CDM Delivers Integrated Wi-Fi service for North Queensland Stadium

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CDM delivers state-of-the-art integrated Wi-Fi service for North Queensland Stadium

The new Queensland Country Bank Stadium is North Queensland’s new home to world-class sport and entertainment. As the home ground of the North Queensland Cowboys NRL team, the stadium boasts a 25,000-seat capacity and can also accommodate up to 40,000 patrons in concert mode. A key deliverable for any newly built stadium is now an integrated Wi-Fi service. As the fan experience of modern event attendees revolves around making stadium Wi-Fi connectivity an essential service. With public support for this solution from both Minister de Brenni and the North Queensland Cowboys, Queensland Country Bank Stadium would become the most technically comprehensive stadium in Queensland to offer free high-density Wi-Fi.

Implementing high-density wireless coverage in a large stadium with high traffic volume is not without universal challenges, but Queensland Country Bank Stadium had some unique local factors to consider. The stadium was specifically designed to contend with traditional outdoor environmental factors like water and UV, as well as unique geographical elements that its position on the north Queensland coastline presented. Extreme weather events, heavy rain, salt air and cyclones all pose an increased risk of corrosion to electrical devices in the stadium, meaning CDM and Aruba had to ensure the wireless access points within the Stadium were both rugged and weatherproof.

Aruba LPV was able to work with the stadium’s architect using 3D modelling to individually select the placement location for each of the 624 access points – with a mix between both indoor and outdoor access points used. With many of these access points being installed under stadium seats, rugged enclosures were custom designed for outdoor protection. CDM’s design utilised Aruba’s latest technology deployed in world leading stadiums such as Chase Centre and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Small cell access points are deployed throughout the stadium under-seats in a honeycomb design. This delivers a superior Wi-Fi signal, providing all patrons with a world class fan experience.


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