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NOMAD IoT Solutions that Fuel Remote Operations

Mining Industry
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Prevent connectivity and hardware faults with NOMAD IoT devices

Connectivity issues and hardware faults on Komatsu mining machines in-field can prevent installed NOMAD IoT devices uploading telemetric data to the cloud. This data is critical for real-time fault diagnosis. An alternate method to allow field technician access and view of live and historical telemetric and health data on the machine was required.

Without this solution technicians do not have real-time data which can cause a range of safety breaches and reporting errors.

CDM provided technician local network access with the NOMAD IoT device to the telemetric and health data. The NOMAD IoT platform telematics capability was enhanced to:

  • Allow remote browser access from a technician’s device
  • Provide a web browser dashboard providing viewing of up to 3 months of telemetric and health data

This solution meant that machine connectivity issues and hardware faults no longer prevent access to machine telemetric a health data.

For these machines, this has seen improvements in:

  • Fleet Management
  • Operational availability
  • Machine Failure Rates
  • Scheduled Maintenance

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