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Threats of a Recession Calls for Digitalisation: Cloud Migration in the Modern Workplace

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So why should businesses see a recession as a digitalisation opportunity?

With the compounding pressures of persistent high inflation, scarce expensive talents, and global supply constraints, businesses are left to question…

  • How can we differentiate ourselves?
  • What problems would we need to forecast?
  • How can we refresh our initiatives moving forward?
  • How can we reduce our costs?
  • How should we re-allocate our costs?

Ultimately, businesses need to unravel the biggest question – How can we make our initiatives more cost effective?

Digitalisation can assist corporations in answering these pressing questions. Gartner’s Recession Playbook outlines 9 key actions to play the digital offence where they outline that one way of managing resources and spending strategically can be achieved with cloud migration. To read the whole playbook, click here.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration refers to digital business operations being moved into the cloud – including workloads, data, IT processes and applications. This term could also apply to migrating from one cloud to another.

Businesses can acquire many benefits from cloud migration due to its flexibility, performance, scalability, security, accelerated adoption, and most importantly, cost effectivity.

  • Digitalisation allows for more flexible work and greater scopes of business expansion as the cloud enables users to work and access services and data from anywhere.
  • In comparison to physical infrastructure, cloud migration provides businesses the opportunity to scale up to support larger workloads and numbers of users.
  • With trusted cloud providers, data stored in the cloud are secure and comply with government regulations and industry standards.
  • Businesses can adopt new technologies faster by migrating applications to the cloud.
  • Cloud is typically a cheaper option than physical servers as not using the entire space provided by a physical server is essentially a waste of expenses.
  • Essentially, the amount invested into IT operations can be significantly reduced as cloud providers manage upgrades and maintenance. This allows organisations to prioritise their activities with other needs.

How CDM Can Help

If you want to take the next step towards a digitalized workplace, CDM can provide a range bespoke cloud management services including cloud migration (lift and shift). Our cloud experts offer cloud solutions to assist organizations in identifying what workloads to move to the cloud and when to transition by understanding their cloud profile. With operational excellence and unparalleled competencies for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft365 and AWS, CDM can assist organizations in their platform choice and help them recognize the business and financial investment in cloud.

Our key cloud vendor partnerships:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Nutanix

See how CDM drove digital transformation for aged care provider Whiddon here.


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