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Enterprise SD-WAN Solutions that Accelerate Digital Transformation

CDM implementing SD-WAN Solution

For most businesses, digital transformation is well underway. But did you know that Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution accelerates business velocity with enterprise-class, tin the shift cloud and SaaS operations.

Firstly, What is digital transformation?

Gartner Research defines digital transformation as “anything from IT modernisation (for example, cloud computing), to digital optimisation, to the invention of new digital business models. The term is widely used in public-sector organisations to refer to modest initiatives such as putting services online or legacy modernisation”.

How can Riverbed’s SD-WAN solutions assist your digital transformation?

Riverbed SteelConnect EX is a powerful enterprise SD-WAN solution that integrates best-in-class routing, application acceleration, network visibility, and security services within a flexible and complete WAN Edge platform. Essentially, it is at the heart of organisational digital transformation.

Riverbed’s key points of difference in are the agility, performance reliability and security of their SD-WAN solution. Making them a true innovator in the ICT digital transformation space.

“Eighty-seven percent of senior business leaders say digitalisation is a company priority and 79% of corporate strategists say it is reinventing their business — creating new revenue streams in new ways. But so far, digital change has been slow and disappointing.”

, Contributor for Gartner Research.

Find out more about our partnership with Riverbed here. Otherwise, get in touch with our customer service team to accelerate business velocity with enterprise-class SD-WAN.

(Original content source: Riverbed)




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