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CDM Delivers and Provides Ongoing Management of ICT Services for a Defence Academic Facility

Australian Government
ICT Services for a Defence Academic

ICT Services for a Defence Academic Facility

The ADF Education and Training facility has been a pilot for building the wider Defence Learning ICT Environment and is critical to Australian and International student training. Recently the facility’s ICT infrastructure required upgrading as much of the equipment was at end of life. This required:

  • Refresh of the hardware necessary to provide network Wi-Fi and communications services
  • Remediation of the Internet Gateway including upgrading the firewall and implementing security management, logging and URL category filtering
  • Enablement of BYOD cloud print services to the sites; and
  • Connection of associated Audio Visual and related equipment to the local network
  • Provision of services to monitor and manage the installed ICT infrastructure for five years

Defence required a System Integrator capable of designing, implementing and testing an ICT solution whilst causing minimal disruption to ongoing operations at the facility.

CDM accomplished this task by:

  • Conducting an audit and requirements gathering exercise to determine the actual state of the current environment and to ensure that all of the facility’s requisites and constraints were captured and considered. The outcome of this activity was to determine out-of-life components that would require immediate replacement. We also determined that a number of the components were still in life and could be replaced during a “mid-life” update.
  • Conduct of a High Level then a detailed design process. This process resulted in the production of a design that: modernised the technology in use at the facility; significantly increased the bandwidth available (thus allowing consideration of the application of advanced audiovisual training capabilities); simplified the Internet Gateway whilst improving security; and allowed a rationalisation and upgrade of supporting servers.
  • Procurement of the equipment and software necessary to implement the Design.
  • Configuration, implementation and set to work of the solution.
  • Test and acceptance of the solution.
  • Provision of Design documentation.
  • Implementation and establishment of a support system.



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