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A Safety First Wireless IoT Solution for the Mining Industry

Mining Industry
An excavator dumps coal into a dump truck in a coal mine

CDM Improves Safety in the Mining Industry

A particular challenge facing the mining industry is the problem known as carry-back. This occurs when some of the product remains in the dump truck after off-loading. This problem is magnified when the re-load of the dump truck is performed as the carry-back is unknown to the operator of the Komatsu excavator.

Carry-back can affect the efficiency of operators re-loading the tray as they are unaware of the residual product left inside. This can result in the operator overloading the tray causing a truck to be classed as dangerous by exceeding the manufactures maximum payload specifications.

CDM in partnership with NOMAD to fit Komatsu dump trucks with an IoT device that allowed the operators to read the residual carry-back left in the tray. This carry-back data allowed the operator of the Komatsu excavator to load the dump truck with the optimal payload which ultimately increased production and safety.


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