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How we Improved Wireless Connectivity in the Mining Industry

Mining Industry
An aerial view of mining machinery in a mine

CDM Improves Wireless Connectivity in the Mining Industry

A major manufacturer in the mining industry needed assistance with gaining access to valuable telemetric and sensor data. The current capabilities were unable to communicate reliably to the manufacturer.

As the communication capability was long an excavator permanently located at the bottom of a mine had extremely poor connectivity. The ability to continually monitor equipment from a remote location was imperative from both an operations and safety perspective. A solution was required to retrieve this valuable data on a regular basis without the need to physically visit the machine to extract the data or drive the machine out to a location where connectivity could be obtained.

Data captured on Komatsu mining equipment could not be sent via traditional methods due to poor or no connectivity. CDM in partnership with NOMAD fitted an IoT device to the client owned equipment meaning all the trucks were connected wirelessly. It also allowed the stored data to transfer from the non-communicating NOMAD IoT device to one or more NOMAD IoT devices that come within range and connect. Upon gaining connectivity, the data was successfully uploaded to the cloud. This 2019 IoT Hub award–winning revolutionary solution to solve the connectivity issues was aptly named “Store and Forward”.



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