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How we Delivered a Private Cloud Service that Saves Money

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Learn how we implemented a carrier-grade core network to improve service delivery

A large, geographically dispersed organisation established a core network, centralised data storage and security services for all its departments to share. The organisation identified that savings could be made through technology consolidation of data centres, networks, and infrastructure services. We were selected to design, supply, build, install, test and deliver a high-quality private cloud service organisation to start consolidating its information and communications technologies and services.

The objective was to deliver a high-quality private cloud service that would save millions by sharing and consolidating services, data centres and core network infrastructure. CDM needed to deliver a network that provided best-of-breed technologies at a price point to fit the public sector budget, meet the varied demands of multiple departments, be flexible enough to accommodate a staged growth path, reduce risk and decrease the organisation’s carbon footprint.

CDM designed a modular architecture that addressed all availability, stability, scalability, throughput, and security requirements, using world-class technology from Juniper Networks and F5 Networks. CDM worked side by side with the vendors and our client’s technical specialists to implement the private cloud solution, capable of delivering efficient, innovative and consolidated information and communications technology and services. The cloud solution, spread across two strategic data centres, includes a core data network, an area network, an internet service provider gateway, a wide area network gateway, and a quality assurance test facility. CDM supplied and delivered a consolidated network infrastructure, in turn allowing the organisation to provide more responsive, adaptive, and collaborative services to its customers. The technology minimises the risk of service interruption because of its carrier-grade platform reliability, combined with a design that allows no single points of failure. And return on investment is maximised by reducing duplication and establishing a platform for growth.


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