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Common Types of Managed IT Services

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Below is a quick crash course into the 5 types of managed IT services that CDM offers:

1. Managed backup & disaster recovery as a service

This type of managed service can either be done solely as a comprehensive service or go hand in hand with other services such as cloud, security, and networks. Activities including creating and implementing a disaster recovery plan, recovering, restoring data and data backups to either the cloud or other servers all fall under the umbrella of managed backup and disaster recovery as a service. The service provider can make recommendations after identifying your specific needs.

2. Managed cloud services

MSPs (managed service providers) in this category often provide and look after cloud servers which host specified data. This class of managed service handles a variety of activities such as budgets, migrations, consulting, assessments, virtualisation and more regarding network, storage, IT, security and computing.

3. Managed desktop and end user services

Managed Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) entails a hands-off approach in having a fully managed virtual desktop. On the other hand, end user services consist of a broad range of offerings including IT helpdesk solutions, installation and upgrades of applications and support for operating systems and mobile devices.

4. Managed network, storage, and server

This category of managed services usually consists of the MSP taking responsibility of all network tasks such as managing storage and backup and establishing various connections for the customer. Remote maintenance and backups can also be offered by MSPs in this category if you host your own servers.

5. Managed SD-WAN and security

MSPs for software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) are automated, software-controlled, virtual WAN infrastructure and are outsourced for end-to-end requirements. Web-based reporting, automation, traffic routing, configuration, SLA, NOC monitoring, and support are typical features of managed SD WAN.

Managed security covers a wide range of services for remote security infrastructure and mitigates risk through proactive security measures. It involves real time updates for services such as anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall and more, in the case that a data breach or other security incidents are detected. Managed security services are primarily cloud-based, however some also provide on-site physical services.

Follow through to our blog ‘Benefits of Managed IT Services’ here to find out more on how MSPs can be advantageous to your business.


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