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How to Thrive as a Woman in Tech


So, what are some ways women can thrive in tech?

1. Constantly learning and upskilling

There is now a greater need for workers to support emerging technology. Everyone will be impacted by the speed and scope of this movement, therefore in order to avoid falling behind, it’s essential to adapt and constantly grow and expand your skill set. Some ways to upskill are to prioritise learning, keeping up with industry news and partaking in educational courses.

2. Get support – role models and mentors

Female role models broaden the realm of possibility and can motivate more women to pursue their ambitions. The achievements of women in technology must be praised and publicised in order to motivate younger generations.

Imposter syndrome can be effectively treated by realising you are not alone after meeting other women in tech and overcoming your self-doubt. Being part of a community helps you to share expertise, career advice, and diversity and inclusion strategies for your businesses. It also inspires you to be an inspiration to one another.

3. Work in places where you know your voice will be heard

Unfortunately, not all organisations will match your personal goals and celebrate your voice. When looking for places to work, look for businesses whose cultures match your values.

There is no doubt that women are underrepresented in the field of IT. IT not only offers many opportunities for everyone, but also many opportunities for women. We can only hope that for the future, equality for women in IT and other male dominated industries are a conversation that doesn’t need to occur.








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