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Over 15 years of making a difference to Australian business

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A Journey of Shared Success

“From the heart of Australia to the expansive reaches of the technology realm, our alliance with Juniper Networks has been pivotal,” reflects Nigel Tooth, CDM’s Group General Manager (QLD, NSW, VIC). “Our Juniper certified network Architects and Engineers have been designing and implementing thousands of Juniper Networks devices across our Australian client base for more than 15 years. The use of Juniper Networks technology as our entrusted technology provider has helped ensure CDM successfully delivers high performance, reliability, scalability and value for money ICT project outcomes.”

CDM, 100% Australian owned and operated since 1991, has propelled over 1,500 ICT projects to fruition, demonstrating an true commitment to innovation and growth. Juniper Networks, founded in 1996 and boasting an impressive global presence, complements this journey with its trailblazing network solutions.

Cutting-Edge Solutions, Tailored for Excellence

With capabilities ranging from connectivity to security, we ensure that your ICT investment is not just a cost but a powerful catalyst for your business growth.

Darrin Iatrou, ANZ Area Partner Director at Juniper Networks, commends the partnership: “Shared expertise means custom solutions can be provided to specifially address complex needs utilising a minimalist approach. Our combined approach is to develop best fit solutions or clients, to address both short term and future requirements.”

Your Partner in Progress

As we continue to forge pathways in the ICT sector, our focus remains steadfast on delivering innovative, cost-efective solutions that empower your business. As an elite partner of Juniper Networks, CDM has a proven track record in the successful delivery of network solutions. Visit cdm.com.au to discover how our partnership with Juniper Networks can elevate your technological infrastructure to new heights.

Together, we’re not just designing networks; we’re engineering the future.

Click the link here to find out how CDM can provide you Connectivity & Security solutions today –Connectivity & Security – CDM | Communications Design & Management


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