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Case Studies

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Case Studies

Read through our library of case studies and learn how CDM has delivered solutions across a range of organisations, in order to increase competitive advantage within their relevant industries.

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Learn how we Delivered ICT Solutions for Queensland’s ‘Smart Education’ Initiative

CDM has played an integral role in delivering the Queensland Government’s internationally-recognised Smart Classrooms strategy, a multi-million dollar investment in digital education for all its schools.
Child Learning With wireless technology
Queensland Goverment

ICT Assisted Learning to Support Schools with Increased Demand

ICT-assisted learning is essential for Education and Training to achieve a clever, skilled and creative Queensland. CDM was selected to deliver a network cabling service that met education initiatives, and supports every child and young person in the state.
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How we Delivered a Private Cloud Service that Saves Money

The organisation identified that savings could be made through technology consolidation of data centres, networks and infrastructure services. We were selected to design, supply, build, install, test and deliver a high quality private cloud service organisation to start consolidating its information and communications.
A soccer stadium full of fans watching an opening ceremony
2015 Asian Cup

A LAN and Wireless Network that Spans the Asia Cup’s Five Stadiums

Event organisers at the 2015 Asian Cup required a LAN and wireless network at five stadiums in five cities along the east coast, as well as at training venues and ancillary sites such as hotels and airports.
Australian Maritime Technologies

Cyber Security Solutions for Australian Defence

As a member of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP), when the Department of Defence issued new cyber security requirements, AMT decided to audit its network security to ensure it could keep sensitive information secure in order to meet the new requirements.

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