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CDM Wins Contract to Overhaul the Network for VicTrack


CDM Solutions wins Juniper gig with VicTrack

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A Portable Remote Network Solution for Mobile Offices

ACORN provides fast, secure and flexible connectivity to your corporate network from remote, temporary and mobile offices. You get the remote connectivity you need, wherever you need it.
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Microsoft Teams

11 Microsoft Teams updates to Make Video Calling Easier in 2021

Video meetings have replaced in-person workplace meetings and interactions for many businesses. Which is why Microsoft Teams has introduced 11 new features to make video calling a better experience for users across all device types.
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Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 Allows you to do More with Your Time

Microsoft Office 365 expands their product features to make sure you are spending the majority of your time on the things that matter most. From features that make team work easier to presentations that can be created in a matter of minutes. Make life easier with Microsoft Office 365.
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CDM & Juniper Networks

Multicloud Solutions that Simplify Operational Complexity

Is your organisation relying on multiple cloud networks? If so, then It’s time to simplify your operational complexity. Multicloud is the overarching infrastructure that enhances and optimises your entire cloud ecosystem.
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CDM & Juniper Networks

High performance ICT Remote Network Solutions that Feature the Latest in Tech Innovation

CDM works in collaboration with Juniper Networks to offer ICT network solutions that feature the latest in technology innovation.
CDM Employee utilising SaaS Accelerator while travelling globally

SaaS Accelerator makes Latency an Issue of the Past for Global Operations

Riverbed's SaaS Accelerator enables employees to access organisational SaaS platforms efficiently, without the latency.
CDM implementing SD-WAN Solution

Enterprise SD-WAN Solutions that Accelerate Digital Transformation

Riverbed SteelConnect EX is a powerful enterprise SD-WAN solution that integrates best-in-class routing, application acceleration, network visibility, and security services within a flexible and complete WAN Edge platform.
F5's SSL Visibility Solution Minimises Malware Attack Risk

Find out how F5’s SSL Visibility Solution Minimises Malware Attack Risk

Over 80% of Webpages are delivered with SSL and TLS, making them at risk of malicious attacks within those encrypted streams. F5's SSL visibility solution means you can access packets to identify whether website traffic is legitimate or potential malware.
CDM discussing Hybrid and Multicloud Solutions with their clients

Hybrid and Multicloud Solutions that Fuel Digital Business Innovation

Nutanix Clusters delivers the industry’s first Hybrid and Multicloud platform with the flexibility, simplicity and cost efficiency needed to run applications in private or multiple public clouds.

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