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Close-Up View of System Hacking

The Dos & Don’ts of Responding to Cybersecurity Attacks


Cybersecurity simply doesn’t stop at implementing cyber defence systems. With even the most sophisticated cybersecurity systems in place, the event of being hacked is not completely eliminated. Organisations must take initiative to create plans surrounding how to respond in the instance that a cyberattack occurs.

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Healthcare’s Hesitation in Adopting Multi-Cloud

The healthcare industry has taken significant leaps in terms of adapting to evolving technology. Showcased especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, these adaptations have been centres around remote medical care such as telemedicine.
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Threats of a Recession Calls for Digitalisation: Cloud Migration in the Modern Workplace

With the scare of a recession coming about inflation, corporations are called to digitalise their initiatives. According to Gartner, organisations need to invest in the right digital initiatives and at the right cost to stay ahead of these economic pressures for both the short and long term.
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Benefits of Managed IT Services

Many businesses are outsourcing their IT support with Managed IT Service providers which is much more beneficial for the growth of a company as it is affordable and reliable. Discover 7 benefits of using Managed IT Services.
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Cloud Technologies Supporting Hybrid Work

As a result of the pandemic and work-from-home arrangements, we are now seeing a greater need on supporting work with cloud solutions.
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Aruba Networks

Protecting Healthcare at the Edge

As healthcare organisations shift to providing more virtual care, rely on new technologies for better outcomes, and remain a big target for cybercriminals, security is a major concern.
Woman talks to client about Microsoft Office 365 Features in Corporate Office
Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 Allows you to do More with Your Time

Microsoft Office 365 expands their product features to make sure you are spending the majority of your time on the things that matter most. From features that make team work easier to presentations that can be created in a matter of minutes. Make life easier with Microsoft Office 365.
CDM discussing Hybrid and Multicloud Solutions with their clients

Hybrid and Multicloud Solutions that Fuel Digital Business Innovation

Nutanix Clusters delivers the industry’s first Hybrid and Multicloud platform with the flexibility, simplicity and cost efficiency needed to run applications in private or multiple public clouds.
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Managing IT Security and Risk in 2021

COVID-19 was a key external influencer to such risks, due to the introduction of mass work from home arrangements and the rapid acceleration of digital business initiatives. 
Employee learning about future of remote working arrangements at CDM

Is Next-Gen SD WAN the future of remote working arrangements?

As organisations adapt to a post-COVID workplace, Next-Gen SD WAN provides a solution to the efficiency of remote working arrangements.

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